Odyseas Marina Yacht Club

  Indulge yourself in only the best of what the Ionian Islands have to offer at our Odyseas Yacht Club Snack Bar. Enjoy a healthy, energy  boosting breakfast or choose from the petit carte, deli cheeses and incredible wine and Prosecco selection, but even refreshing desserts. For discerning travelers seeking a fantastic gastronomic experience, satisfy your appetite and quench your summer thirst with simple and delicious meals, with dishes inspired from flavors all over the world  … every day something different .

Our specialist chef Patrizio Paolucci and his team
will be in charge of your delightful dining experience.

Diesel: €1.541 / litre
Petrol: €1.763 / litre

Fuel is available from our pumps on the quay between 0800 & 2000, 7 days a week.