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Meganisi Vaccinated against Covid 19

As of April, 2021, all residents of the island and people working or staying on Meganisi over the lock down period have had both shots of the Pfizer Vaccine against the Covid 19 virus, courtesy of the Greek Government.

The whole procedure was very easy and straight forward, even for those that are not Greek residents. People that decided to stay in the country and spend their time on the island, or on their boats or villas were also offered the vaccine.

The whole operation started at the end of February and with 2 consecutive circles of a 3-week in between period, 95% of the registered local residents and all of the expats residing here, where treated with the Pfizer Vaccine.

We are all working hard on a daily basis to create a safe and welcoming environment for all those planning on visiting Greece this summer.

Even better, it is now obligatory for us that work in the industry to have a self-test on a weekly basis in order to secure the health and safety of everyone around us.

Odyseas Marina has a responsibility towards everyone that chooses Meganisi as the place to visit, and make the best efforts possible to keep us and you safe during your stay. We are all happy and ready to welcome you back to this safe haven.

See you soon