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Covid-19: Disease outbreak action plan

The purpose of this plan is to provide the staff and guests of ODYSEAS MARINA with a written plan that covers the definition of a suspect case, the definition of close contacts and isolation planning related to a suspect case.
Responsible to activate the plan and manage the suspect case in Odyseas Marina are:

  1. Chrysagi Danai
  2. Andriotis Ioannis

In case a visitor or a staff member displays symptoms of cough, fever, or difficulty in breathing, the patient is treated as a suspect case and the following plan is activated:

  • Call COVID-19 support line 1135 to report the case and receive instructions.
  • Move the suspect case to isolation until he or she is safely transported for medical examination and diagnosis
    • When the suspect case is a guest visiting with a boat, their isolation is confined to their boat premises.
    • When the suspect case is a staff member or a guest not visiting with a boat, their isolation is confined to a marina’s boat premises.
  • Assigned staff member ensures the isolation area is constantly kept ventilated and provides the suspect case with a surgical face mask, single-use tissues, plastic bag to dispose of waste, and antiseptic gel containing 70% alcohol.
  • When entering the isolation area, the responsible team members will be wearing a surgical face mask, protective goggles, shoe covers, and a single-use uniform. After exiting the isolation area, the staff members will discard all protective equipment used and disinfect their hands with soap and water before doing anything else.
  • Once the suspect case is evacuated by the relevant health authorities, the isolation area will be disinfected, cleaned, and ventilated for further use by the responsible team members.
  • We will track and trace all contact made by the suspect case 48 prior to the appearance of symptoms and report it to the health authorities.

Lefkas general hospital: 0030-26453 60200
Contact number in case of a medical emergency: 166